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When you partner with Snapdragon Graphics, you tap into years of experience in the print industry, including desktop publishing, copy writing, graphic design, and consultation. I work with you to clarify your needs and budget and create pieces that are cost-effective and meet your needs.

I can take your hastily-scribbled-on-a-napkin or well-thought-out-over-past-months ideas and turn them into unique, functional pieces. Once your project specifications have been clarified (or the napkin has been deciphered), I begin layout and design customized to fit your personality, profession or business, your clientele or target market, your print needs. No cookie-cutter designs; each project is as unique as you or your company.

Copy writing, proofreading, and editing services are also available at Snapdragon Graphics. Whatever your copy needs—ad, flyer, brochure, instruction manual, __________________ (insert your need here)—I can help.

• Receive high-quality, professional yet personal service

• Have as much or as little input in each project as you desire

• Have the files sent to your printer or use one we partner with


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